Tricks to increase uTorrent Download Speed

increase uTorrent Download Speed

Starting from High quality movies, eBooks, mp3 audios, games and most of the software now arrive first on uTorrent sites because of download quality and better usability. Hence, a less downloading speed can be a really annoying one. There are some tricks by which you can increase uTorrent Download speed in a successful manner.

1. Disable Firewall – This is one of the easiest tricks to increase uTorrent download speed by just disabling the windows firewall or just make it a point to turn ON the firewall exception. This will surely boost up the speed of uTorrent.

how to increase speed of utorrent

2. Save Port – It is very important to get the perfect port so that you can increase speed of uTorrent download. For this, you need to go to uTorrent options and then choose preferences.
Choose connection from a list of preferences that will appear in a new window. Then a small window will appear. Choose any one port, but make sure that the randomized port each start should remain unchecked. This will certainly helps in achieving your goal to enhance the download speed of uTorrent.

save port to increase utorrent download speed

3. Hide your work from ISP – This may seem too tough right? It is a fact that many times ISP block any download from uTorrent and this poses a serious problem. You can use a connection encryption service like BTGuard for hiding from your ISP. Of course, this comes with a price tag but then allows you to download your files at a rapid speed. The set up process of BTGuard is quite an easy one. To do manual configuration, you need to open an account at BTGuard and then go to your torrent client and click Options. Then select preferences and finally connection. In this window, you need to feed the information about BTGuard like done in the below figure.

This is an excellent way to speed up the uTorrent download.

There are some terms like seeder and leecher that are quite common and you must have heard about these while on a torrent network. It is better not to become a leecher as they don’t have complete file and yet have joined the network for getting it. This can decrease your uTorrent downloading speed and must be avoided to boost up the speed.


Save Facebook Posts To Read Later | Bookmark Facebook Posts

So many times it happens that, some of your friends have shared some interesting news, event or something which you will not be in position to go through due to time constraint and you might need to bookmark them or save Facebook posts to read later, else you may forget or end up spending more time searching them on your friend’s wall.

Save Facebook Posts

How to Save Facebook posts to read later?

1. Identify the posts which you would like to save in your news feeds or from your Friend’s wall
2. Click on v arrow on top right corner of the post
3. Click on “Save XYZ” (I will explain it with print screen)
Yes, it’s done. You have saved those posts for reading later. But you should remember that, you will be able to save only links, places, music, books, movies, TV shows and Events. You won’t be able to Save Photos and normal status posts. Let’s see how it works with some print screen.

Save Links for later reading

Save Facebook Post for later reading

Save Location for later reading

Save Facebook Location for later use

How to view Saved Facebook posts?

Once you follow procedure to Save posts, it will be stored in your “Saved Items” and ONLY YOU can view them.
– Goto your Facebook Home (News Feeds Area)

How to see Saved posts on Facebook

– Left column you will find “Saved” button (You will find this button only If you have Saved something)
– Click on “Saved” button and you will get all Saved Posts

view Facebook Saved posts later

– On top area you will find all categories, so you can select only category for which you would like to see Saved Posts.

Select Facebook Saved Posts to see

How to remove any Saved Facebook posts?

You of course needs to remove Saved Facebook posts once you read them or might share them with your friends. It’s pretty easy to remove Saved posts on Facebook.

– Click on “Saved” Button from your Facebook Home News Feed area
– On top right corner of every Saved posts you will find “X” button to archive them
– In case you would like to permanently delete them, you can click on “Archive” and Delete them


Download Free Photo Frame Apps for Android, iPhone Mobiles Tablets

free photo frame apps for android iphone

Download Free Photo Frame Apps for Android, iPhone Mobiles Tablets

Well, even though there are high resolution cameras we have with us, most of the time we all are taking pictures from Mobile cameras. Yes, mobile cameras are too having great resolution and delivering best quality pictures these days. Let’s learn how easily we can Frame our photos which looks better after framing and you can share them on Facebook, Twitter or Whatsapp.

Download Free Photo Frame Apps for Android

1. InstaFrame Photo Collage Maker

InstaFrame helps you combine your photos creatively with frames, text and sticker to make great-looking multiple photo collages, share them with your friends on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Flickr and Tumblr.
+ Select multiple pictures at the same time
+ Put two pictures or more side by side for one pic
+ Replace images by drag and drop an image over an existing image inside collage
+ 90 adjustable templates
+ Support five ratios including square format (1:1, 3:2, 2:3, 4:3, 2:1)
+ 54 beautiful borders effects
+ 12 amazing magical effects to apply individual photo
+ Rounded corners on photos
+ Put text to your photos with 20+ well-chosen creative fonts
+ Hundreds of custom emojis and stickers
+ Provision to make Thank you cards,”I love you” notes, Greeting cards, Birthday cards, Get well cards

2. Photo Grid

+ Create a professional collage instantly
+ Variety of layouts for photo grids, wallpapers, photo walls, albums and collages
+ Shake to conveniently swap pics or manually select for precision
+ Editor allows you to move, swap, rotate, zoom, sketch, etc in the photo lab
+ Add text, emoticons and clip art to your photos and collage
+ Create video slideshow with music using the newly added “Video Slides”

3. Pic Frames – Free Android App

+ Combine multiple photos to amazing looking frames.
+ Supports plenty of beautiful frames and also photo effects.
+ Create best photo Frame as well as collages using this app.
+ Support for grunge, space and bokeh effects.
+ Supports photo effects like gray, sepia, invert, hue etc.
+ Mix more than 50 photo effects using this app.
+ Allow user to adjust frame width
+ You will be able to save your modifications to phone memory or share on social media.

Download Free Photo Frame Apps for iPhone

1. PhotoFrame – the Best Photo Frame & Fotos Collage

+ Easy to add word/caption to photo
+ Easy to add cute stick(cool emotion icons,love,xmas)
+ 60+Well designed photo frames
+ Unique art photo frame collage mode
+ 48+ Popular layouts
+ 5 ratios for layout: 1:1, 3:2,2:3,4:3, 2:1
+ Add a shadow to the photos
+ Easy color picker for the frames background
+ Easily move photos to different areas by drag and drop
+ Adjust the frame to make it bigger or smaller in real time
+ Color the frame borders

2. PhotoFrame DLX

+ Beautiful, intuitive interface
+ Very easy to use
+ 36 layouts
+ Tons of different styles of photo frames to choose from
+ Zoom, pan, and adjust your images
+ Easily move photos to different areas by drag and drop
+ Import photo from Camera Roll Album
+ Save images to your local photo album


Xiaomi Hidden Features, Tips and Tricks

xiaomi hidden features tips tricks

Xiaomi Hidden Features

Xiaomi is a Chinese mobile manufacturer who has recently entered Indian markets with various successful devices like Redmi Note, Redmi2, MI, MI4I etc. Since it has created big market, we should identify all hidden features, tips and tricks. Xiaomi is basically a software developing company and hence its mobiles are packed with some exceptional software and features which otherwise you have to install from third party play store application. Here are top tricks and tips to make your Xiaomi even more smarter and none of them require rooting. (All these tips works on MI 4I but can also be helpful on all Xiaomi devices with minor alteration).

How to read Regional fonts (i.e. Gujarati fonts) – No root required.

The Xiaomi handset has support for six Indian Languages including Hindi. But there is no support for Gujarati, Marathi, Punjabi and many other Indian Languages. The only solution in other handset is to root your phone and install regional fonts. But With Xiaomi, you just install ‘Purple Texture’ theme and activate it in fonts. Lo and behold you can read all Gujarati WhatsApp messages, Gujarati Websites and everything. To activate, go to themes>Local>download Purple texture theme. And best part is, the theme is absolutely free to download.

Note: Afterwards if you changed your theme, go to Settings>additional Setting>Font>Choose System Font and then check ‘Purple textured’ fonts to continue reading regional fonts with all themes.

Enable Guest Mode in New Xiaomi

So you bought a new phone and everyone is asking for your phone to have a look. But you are apprehensive as the phone has many private photos, messages, calls etc. Here is the safety tip. Xiaomi has a wonderful feature of ‘Guest Mode’. Just turn on the Guest Mode and all your pictures, messages, call history, contacts etc. will be hidden. So your friends or parents can check/ use your phone and you can also be assured of your privacy.

The setting can be activated from Setting>Privacy>Privacy Protection>Guest mode.

How to Lock Applications in Xiaomi

Another top tip and powerful tool to protect your privacy. With in-built lock application you can lock any application you want with password/ pattern. You can lock your WhatsApp, gallery and many other applications. Now, you can be rest assured about privacy of your application.

You can activate this feature through Setting>Privacy>Privacy Protection>App lock.

Enable One Hand Mode in Xiaomi Mobile Phones

One major drawback of big screen handset is that you have to use both hands to hold the phone. It becomes really cumbersome while typing and holding the phone during long chat. Here is an extremely helpful tip. Xiaomi handset has a feature called ‘One hand Mode’. Just swipe left/ right from your home button and your screen will be of 4 inch or 3.5 inch size to left or right side.

You can make the setting of 4 inch or 3.5 inch from setting>Additional Setting>One Handed mode

Start Camera from lock screen and other tips to use camera

You have a very good photo opportunity but your phone is locked. Don’t worry, we are here with a tip for it too. In Xiaomi there is a camera icon on the right bottom side even on locked screen. Click on it and your camera will be on in a jiffy. Also, the camera application is loaded with lots of goodies. Left swipe on camera and you have pre-installed filters like mirror, sepia, black and white etc. Right swipe and you will get detailed modes like Panorama, beautify, HHT, timer etc. Swipe up or down to switch between rear and front cameras. All so simple tips, isn’t it? (Note: On Xiaomi Redmi phone with lock screen you can take photo even without doing anything, simply long press home button and wait for shutter sound.

You can activate this from setting>accessibility>buttons)

Connection speed indicator

You always want to check speed of your internet connection. Here is a tip to do so without installing third party software in Xiaomi handset. Go to setting>notification and turn on connection speed indicator. You will always get connection speed in the top notification bar.

How to Enable Detailed notification in Xiaomi

You drop down the notification bar and see ’04 messages from 02 WhatsApp contacts’, you don’t want to go to WhatsApp application to see whose messages are those. There is a shortcut tip for this too. Just zoom out in the notification and you will get detailed list of whose messages are those and then you can decide whether to check it or not.

Tips to Boost Xiaomi Battery Life

With all smart phones, draining battery is a major concern. We have no option but to install third party software for battery saving. Here is the tip to do it without going to play store. With Xiaomi there is in-built feature to adjust different battery modes. Go to Security>battery>battery profiles (or setting>additional setting>battery). You can choose from Default, Marathon and sleep modes. Also you can switch to battery saver profile automatically when battery reaches certain % or at certain time. Like you can switch to marathon mode when battery reaches 15% or sleep profile between 10 PM and 6 AM. This is another great tip to boost your battery automatically.

How to Restrict data on Xiaomi Mobile Phones

Another tip from security setting. Go to setting>data and then restrict app data usage. Here you can select which application can use data/ Wi-Fi. This way you can save your valuable data. Another tip is you can set data limit per day or per month through the same feature. There is also feature to check data usage statistics from the same menu. One feature and so many tips to go through.

How to Boost RAM (tip using home button)

The left home button works in two-way. Long press it for few seconds and you get access to change wallpaper, windows, themes etc. just tap once and you can get list of all running applications. Just dismiss it by swiping up and you can stop them and boost your RAM. Also, just press the X icon at bottom and you can kill all running applications.

Additional tip: if you don’t know what is the application, just zoom out and you will get all details about the running applications as shown in the attached picture.


Effective tips to increase mobile battery life


increase mobile battery life

Mobile phones are widely used in our daily life just like our besties! We use those gadgets for getting connected with others quickly to share our thoughts and much more! And nowadays, smartphone manufactures are planning to work with their battery backup! Yeah, as everyone knows the smartphones don’t give long stand if the usage is more. For example, if you are surfing the internet or playing then your battery will be drained soon! And if its happens so, the life of battery too get decreased.

If you are looking for some best tips to boost your battery life without spending any bucks for charging it then you have reached the right page. In order to increase your battery life, here I got you some exclusive tips! Just follow these below tips which will surely increase the battery life of your smartphone. Let’s jump in!

Effective tips to increase mobile battery life

#1. Minimizing the usage I know you are a big nerd, so you will use your device for a long time! Anyhow just try to minimize the use whenever the specific application is not required. You can just uninstall it instead for simple installed on your device. It will occupy your onboard space along it will drain your battery power too! So try to minimize and uninstall such apps from your smartphone.

#2 Low Brightness
By decreasing the level of brightness, the smartphone consumes less power than it’s in full brightness. To increase your battery life just change your default brightness level into minimum or low as you can!

#3 Connectivity

Without any necessary purpose, turn off your connectivity services. It includes your Data connection, Bluetooth, and Wi-Fi too! Among those things, both 4G and 3G consumes much power. So trun off at a time of not in uese! It will surely save your battery for the long stand!

#4 Using 3rd Party Apps

For increasing your battery life you can install some third party battery apps which will notify you the excat consuming the power of your battery. It is better to you Battery Doctor which is one of the best Application for Increase the Battery Life. And this app is compatible for all major mobile platforms like Android and iOS. The best thing with this app, Battery Doctor will be notifying you with exact current and the left power level!

#5 Turn Off Location Service

Some latest smartphone got this feature which allows you to send the users location for GPS and another purpose. This is a good specs, but it will consume lots of your battery power. So try to turn it off, when you don’t need to location services.


Tips to Setup Parental Control on Child’s Mobile Phone

Setup Parental Control on Child's Mobile Phone

Setup Parental Control on Child’s Mobile Phone

Looking at current use of Mobile phones by our Kids and simultaneously availability of many unwanted stuff on internet forcing parents to setting up parental controls on kids’ devices; which is not an option anymore. It is the need deemed by parents of this age. There are many factors involved including the threats in the cyberworld, the dangers of the real world, the immaturity of kids, the attractions of the digital space, unrestricted access, unfiltered content, and much more.

It’s of course not easy for Parents to let their kids become friend with stranger danger hence move to the digital route to protect their kids not only in the cyber world but in reality too. In this regard, digital controls are proved to be the digital solution that helps them. Now if you want to set up parental controls on child’s Mobile Phone device, here are three simple steps you should follow!

Setup Parental Control on Child’s Mobile

Step 1. Select what is best for you

Fortunately you will have plenty options and many apps to achieve parental control. You can pick any app that goes well with your demands. There are many that can help you with monitoring, but the one most recommended by parents is FamilyTime parental app. The added advantage of the app is the control that empowers parents to take control over your kids’ device use.

The app has a list of features that lets parents
– Mirror Contacts
– View call logs
– Watchlist Contacts
– View Installed Apps
– Monitor Usage Frequency
– Blacklist Apps
– Monitor Internet Usage & Web-History Tracking
– Monitoring Bookmarks
– Remotely Lock Phone
– Receive PickMeUp and panic alerts
– Track locations
– Trace location history
– Geo-fence place

This application is available not only for Android but also for iOS, and kindle devices. You can download the app for free from your phone’s store or in a jiffy bellow:

Step 2. Install suggested application

Not necessarily you have to use application which I have suggested. Believe me, I am not going to get single penny by suggesting that app to you. So feel like a free bird and find whatever suits you. After you pick the option that suits you, install the app on your phone and configure all required settings. In case you select FamilyTime, the app allows you to select what logs should the app record and what not. To do that, you have to first pair up your FamilyTime app with the child’s device.

Step 3. Pair your child’s device with app

You will get a child version, which needs to be installed on your kids’ mobile device and pair it with your phone. The pairing enables data visibility and effective controls. In addition to that, FamilyTime lets kids connect with you in case of emergencies. They can also send you PickMeUp alerts so that you don’t forget to pick them up from anywhere.

Isn’t it much easy? These three simple steps performed in time can save you and your kids from a lot of hassles. So, don’t waste any more time and take your step to protect your kids. It’s always advisable to be alert and careful for your kids. So, just download it now and start using.


Hike Messenger Single Tick Trick

Hike Messenger Single Tick Trick

Hike Messenger is a totally free smart application designed for iOS devices. Today, Hike single tick tips are available worldwide to users of iOS, Android and Blackberry platforms. The app also enables users to send SMS, even to people who do not have on their mobile phones. It works in 2G, 3G, and Wi-Fi internet connections.


You can use Hike to chat with your contacts individually, or enjoy a group chat with them, and watch videos and share picture through the application. The Hike single tick tricks also provide a quota for free SMS messages every month. This quota is filled again every 1st day of the month.

Hike messenger was released on December 2012, and gained over 15 million users in the year 2014. On Oct 2015, Hike revealed that the user base of the app has come to about 70 million and over 20 billion messages are sent on a monthly basis. Over the years, the tricks for Hike single tick include Hike Direct, which is a feature that enables users to share files and messages totally free of data charges within a 100 meter radius via Wi-Fi Direct.

Here are some of the popular features of Hike messenger:

  • Two-Way Chat Themes – The app promotes choosing a chat environment based on your mood and state of mind. You can change the theme of the chat with your particular friend, and the chosen theme will be seen on the two sides.
  • Two-Way Chat Themes – The app promotes choosing a chat environment based on your mood and state of mind. You can change the theme of the chat with your particular friend, and the chosen theme will be seen on the two sides.
  • Email Alternative – The app allows media formats and documents such as pdf file, ppt, doc and docx formats, making it a great email alternative as Hike can handle up to 100 MB of every single attachment.
  • Money Making Application – Hike in fact pays Rs. 20 for every referral that is successful, and Rs.15 to the user who signs up for the app. The company is doing it for their marketing promotions, as well as to benefit their users rather than pay millions for ads.
  • Better Privacy – Hike single tick users need to send and accept friend requests as a way to ensure privacy. Every user may opt to hide or show their last seen message to their friend.
  • Hidden Mode – This is another feature designed by the Hike messenger team. This allows you to make your chat private and unseen from the rest of the world. You are the only one who can access that hidden conversation, backed by a password you also created.
  • Stickers – Make your chat fun and colorful by sending interesting stickers from time to time together with the smiley emoticons to your contacts. The good news is that the stickers are updated every month or so.
  • Hike Offline – In case you have no Wi-Fi connection or your own data packet already ended, there is no need to worry with Hike, as you can send free SMS to your contacts offline.

Single tick in Hike is really beneficial for the modern users of today. If you have not downloaded it yet, do it now to enjoy its user-friendly features.


Best Tips and Tricks To Customize iPhones

Customize iPhones

The sophisticated iPhone has multiple superb features. These seem enough for the ordinary user. However, there are other tricks to customize your iPhones that majority of consumers are not aware of. Actually, this mobile gadget can still be tailor-made for the user’s enjoyment. Customize iPhone tricks mean that an iPhone user can become more creative in terms of changing icons in their home screens or modifying the interface totally.

It is important to download the free app (iExplorer) both for MS Windows and Mac) since this allows users to access their phones’ file systems. Actually, this may be the most trouble-free method of copying and editing files on the iPhone.

Tips to Customize iPhone


What are the basic tips to customize iPhone?

  • Alter your wallpaper. It is possible to have personalized wallpaper whether it is a picture or image downloaded from the web. This can make your mobile device look more distinct and give off a unique feeling. Wallpapers do not have to be ordinary photos all the time. Try crafting designs such as crisscross paper or shelves.
  • Customize iPhone also consist of creating or using new ringtones. You can source out ringtones from the Internet as well.
  • Smarten up your contact list to make it easier and pleasurable to navigate. This is another way to customize your iPhones. This can be achieved with the Android 4.0 ice Cream Sandwich developer. Personalize notifications to avoid checking your mobile phone every now and then.
  • Select your preferred browser to customize iPhone. This can be the default (Android) or any third-party browser. Modify your browsing experience appropriate for your requirements.
  • You may customize your iPhones by changing them using iExplorer. All you have to do is download icons in Portable Network Graphics (PNG) format or come up with your own icon. There are guidelines online that can help innovative iPhone users. You are not confined to the creation of developers. Take screenshots of your home screens and send that to your email. Said screenshots may be used as templates to produce wallpapers that integrate well with selected icons.

One of the best apps used worldwide that can help you to customize iPhone is Pimp Screen. It is cheap at $0.99 and offers tools to develop unusual iPhone wallpaper styles. You can make use of visual tricks such as making applications that look like resting on ridges or enclosed by margins. This app presents hundreds of various screen components including icons and backgrounds. Blend and match said items to generate numerous combinations. Save the images for your wallpapers as well as lock screens.

Other apps to customize your iPhones are Call Screen Maker, Pimp my Keyboard, Color Keyboard, Display Block, Notification Center Widgets, Add Emojis, and Ringtone Apps. These apps have earned four to five-star ratings based on customer reviews published in the worldwide web. Learn all these tips to customize iPhone and you will certainly relish the use of your iPhone every single day.


New Facebook Messenger Features That Blow Your Mind

New Facebook Messenger Features

Well, first of all IF you haven’t updated your iPhone, Samsung, Nexus, Micromax or any other Android based smartphone with new Facebook messenger 2016; Do it now. Because without updating your Facebook messenger you won’t be able to blow your mind with new Facebook messenger features which are really amazing.

Here we go, so we all know that in today’s social media competition among various messenger, one has to keep introducing new features to make messenger more and more friendly and attractive. Facebook messenger is one of the lucky messenger which is being considered as most popular messenger even in such big competition where you have Whatsapp messenger, hike messenger, line messenger etc.


Let’s go through new Facebook messenger features which are introduced recently in late February 2016.

New Facebook Messenger Features

Before I start demonstrating new features, let me tell you one thing. All of the new features of Facebook messenger I am showing are belongs to individual chat box. So, keep in mind you have to first open an individual Chat and goto the settings of that particular chat to get these new features of 2016.

Nick Name: Well, many of us are having friends on Facebook where they have either kept some Nick names or we might like them to remember with their Nick names. Now using new Facebook messenger; you can change Nick name in messenger by going inside setting of that friend’s chat settings as shown below. However, you friend also will get an notification of this change and he/she will also have facility to change their or yours nick name in new facebook messenger.


Text Color: This is really a fantastic feature introduced in new fb messenger. You can now change text color of Facebook chat in your new Facebook messenger 2016. By exploring your chat with one of your contact, you can decide the text color of messenger for that individual contact. If you friend doesn’t like your choice, he/she can override your choice by changing text color again. By changing text color it will not only change the chat text, but it also change entire messenger them. So, you can have completely new Facebook messenger them with this feature. Your them/text color with other contacts will still remain same unless you go and change them manually.


Use Big Smiley: Yes, this was already part of previous version of Facebook messenger but still many are not yet aware of this new Facebook messenger feature with the use of that you can send Big smiley to chat box. You will have plenty of big smileys, gifs and emotions which you can use as per the mood of yours to tease, express your mate.


Mute Chat: Many times we are passing through situation when unwanted contacts are keep poking. Now it’s easy, you can mute individual chat or turn off Facebook messenger notification for individual contact. That too with many options of couple of minutes, hours or even till the time you turn back on notification. Isn’t this feature of new Facebook messenger is giving relief to many around here?


So, just download latest Facebook messenger 2016 and explore excellent cool new features which will allow you to use Facebook messenger as Whatsapp or Hike messenger and you will simply amazed with it.


Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 review : A phablet which fits in your budget

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 review

First generation Readmi Note’s successor has arrived in India. Somewhere in November 2014, when Xiaomi first launched its 5.5-inch Redmi Note phablet, it was a game changer because it was costing just Rs 9,999. Almost After 16 months, Xiaomi seems to approach the same stretegy at the same price, of course, in a more competitive market now.

For now Redmi Note 3 will be offered in two options: 2GB RAM with 16GB ROM at the price of Rs 9,999 and 3GB RAM with 32GB ROM at the price of Rs 11,999.

New gadget market is going towards 5.5-inch smartphones, also Lenovo, Huawei, rivals LeEco had launched their smartphone in this price band much before Xiaomi. However, the Redmi Note 3 seems to have its niche carved out, given the response from the audience showcased at the launch event.

What do you think? Do you think Redmi Note 3 justifies the fanfare surrounding it? Lets see the review of the 3GB RAM plus 32GB ROM version of Redmi Note 3.

Design and Display

Body: Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 smartphone has a metal body. The sandblasted metal texture gives a premium look and feel to the device. It is require to take a note that with compar to the earlier Redmi Note version, the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is slimmer and lighter, despite packing in a massive 4,050mAh battery. It features a unibody design, hence the back cover cannot be removed.

The Redmi Note 3 comes with a 5.5-inch Full HD 1080p IPS 178-degrees wide angle display. The display quality is much better than other popular smartphones in this price range. You won’t find Corning Gorilla Glass or any other such protection on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. So, getting a screenguard is necessary.
The display is bright, crisp, however, the screen is quite reflective.

Color: It comes in Gold, Silver and Dark Grey colours.
Sim & Storage support: The Redmi Note 3 comes with a hybrid SIM and microSD card slot. Users can insert a micro sim card and microSD card simultaneous or also can opt for a micro sim and nano sim card to two different numbers. The maximum capacity of the microSD card is 32GB.

Redmi Note 3 having power and volume rocker on it’s right side whereas audio jack as well as IR emitter are situated at top and USB charging port placed at bottom. Also it is equippedwith fingerprint sensor.

Performance and Camera

Redmi Note 3 comes with a 16MP PDAF f/2.0 5-element lens rear camera along with a dual tone LED Flash. You will find 5MP f/2.0 selfie camera on front. The fingerprint scanner can be used to click images on both the cameras. The selfie quality is quite good, too. For people who love to use software enhanced beautification features, the Redmi Note 3 will surely bring a smile to their faces, as Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is rich with these features.
The quality of the main camera is good under normal lighting conditions. The camera is fast and the results are pleasing. However, if there is no enough light, images may comes grainy and auto focus may takes more time.

Running with Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 650 processor this device is the first smartphone in India. Adreno 510 GPU takes good care of graphics and the device is powered by LPDDR3 RAM like other smartphones in this range. While reviewing the 3GB RAM version, the maximum available RAM available was around 1.5GB in idle state. So, it is advisable to opt for the 3GB RAM model instead of the lesser version, for users who love to play a lot of games.

Overall, the device is smooth and there are no performance issues observed yet. It is a good device for multitasking and playing games as well. Although there are heating issues found, it does get warm, especially when gaming and browsing the net on WiFi. But this doesn’t affect performance.

When it comes to operating system, Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is powered by Android 5.1.1-based MIUI 7. You must be knowing; One of the best features of MIUI 7 is the end user gets a complete software package out of the box. The newer version of MIUI is having few bugs.

Known Issues:

There are few users who has found ‘sim card not activated’ message which is the very first bug observed in the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3. After getting above message it simply puts the mobile on airplane mode without any notification. So, you might be carrying the smartphone in airplane mode unknowingly and then you will realize when you won’t receive any calls. This issue appears up almost every time the device is switched on, rebooted or when the user opts out of airplane mode.
Also, the UI takes a lot of time to first load. However, if we forget these issues, MIUI is one of the best user interface in terms of user experience. Multimedia experience on the Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 is exceptional With a great screen users get a good audio experience, too.

It is powered by a 4,050mAh battery. If you are an average mobile users, the device may last for more than a day with 3G and WiFi turned on. This smartphone is also among the few devices which supports VoLTE. Device supports 3G connectivity on both SIM card slots.
Call quality is quite decent, but you will have to expect surprises. Sometimes the mic is cut off during an on-going call, especially if the caller is holding the phone close towards the neck. This doesn’t happen always, but it is something that is a bit annoying.

Xiaomi Redmi Note 3 comes with an IR blaster, which can be used to control home appliances such as the Television.

Overall Specifications

Display 5.5-inch IPS LCD, 1920 x 1080 resolution, 403 ppi
Processor 2 GHz octa-core MediaTek MT6795 Helio X10
PowerVR G6200 GPU
RAM 2/3 GB
Storage 16/32 GB, not expandable
Camera 13 MP rear camera with LED flash
5 MP front camera
Connectivity Wi-Fi 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, dual-band, Wi-Fi Direct, Bluetooth 4.1, FM Radio, IR Blaster
Battery 4,000 mAh
OS MIUI OS 7 based on Android 5.0.2 Lollipop
Colors silver, gray, gold
Dimensions 150 x 76 x 8.7 mm
164 grams